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Marketing Tip #73: The Snowball of Complementary Services

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Are you having difficulties getting people to “bite” on a service such as hormone replacement therapy, IV infusion, weight loss, functional medicine, etc…? Then you need to experiment with marketing EACH service separately and see which one sticks within your community or to your digital target market.

Let’s use genetic screening since this course was just released. Genetic testing for various disease risks complements practically any service line. But should you market it separately as we discuss in the new course? YES! And this goes with any service you have. I talk about that in THIS article about marketing a DBA.

Let’s hypothetically say you have a wellness practice that focuses predominately on weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. You also toy some with functional medicine consults and genetic testing. Those services also appeal to cash-based wellness patients because they want to optimize their overall health. So, how do you advertise those? Simple: you initiate ads specific to THOSE services to the same demographic you hit elsewhere. Essentially you are sending out MULTIPLE ads about various MULTIPLE INDIVIDUAL service lines. By doing this, people will see various advertisements that might strike a chord with them, and hopefully, this will result in a scheduled patient.

Remember, your goal through marketing is to get those people THROUGH YOUR DOOR (or booked on your website for 100% telemed). Once the patient becomes integrated into your practice’s hemisphere, you can sell them on ALL the services you provide, including genetic testing, weight loss, etc.

I talk about this concept in the Elite NP podcasts ALL the time, but I will repeat it:

Marketing and offering services in your business is like fishing. You throw MULTIPLE baits (services and ads) out into the water to see what the fish (your potential patient) wants. You will get a few bites here and there with one bait, but often one or two baits will result in hooking a KEEPER! It is that keeper (a service) that you want to really focus on, but those other baits (secondary, complementary services) can remain in your practice in hopes that the newly established patient will bite.

I hope this makes sense! Once you get the patient in the door on one service, then the other complementary services you have, SNOWBALL into more and more business. Keep this in mind when determining complementary services in your practice and how they can help it grow!

My men’s health clinic does VERY well with testosterone replacement therapy, peptides, weight loss, genetic screening, and vitamin injections. Testosterone replacement therapy is our main service (bait), but we have a multitude of other various baits (complementary services) that result in a snowball effect of revenue. For example, an established patient who has been on testosterone for 2 years will purchase vitamin injections every 2-3 months, a peptide cycle once a year, and will get a comprehensive genetic screening that costs $1,000 ($750 profit to the clinic) one time to determine their overall risk.

This is what you should strive for in your practice, and marketing those services is critical to both warm and cold leads. This is how you build a robust practice!

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