Marketing Tip Monday #11: Influencer Marketing

Woman Influence Business Direction  - muhammadrizkyklinsman / Pixabay

Have you considered using an “influencer” to market your practice? Well, you should!

Many people believe they need to use a celebrity “influencer” to promote their products and services but let’s ground ourselves to reality here: you are a small business and only need 100 patients to turn a solid profit! You do not need to broadcast to 10 million IG followers to operate a successful niche practice

So, instead of thinking of A-List influencers, be thinking of people in your area or within your niche target market who can promote your products and services.

I was talking with an NP last week and she was mentioning that she used a local influencer to take her practice from $0 to $10,000 within 45 days! Who was this influencer? A local hair stylist! This person knew her clientele and promoted the NPs medspa!

Personally, I know many local business owners and I happen to know one who is in the “in” with all the local contractors and builders. I provided this patient excellent service at my men’s health practice and asked him to promote my practice to all his colleagues. He did and guess what? It resulted in over 20 new patients within 30 days, and I didn’t even have to lift a finger or spend a dime!

You do not need a millionaire celebrity to promote your practice… all you need is a local individual who happens to be part of your target market to promote your services. If you can get in contact with this person, then they can become a POWERFUL marketing asset for your practice!

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