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Marketing Tip Monday #13: Keep Your Ads Fresh!

Ads Digital Marketing Advertisements  - PabitraKaity / Pixabay

Keep Your Ads Fresh and New!

When a nurse practitioner begins to market their niche practice, they just create a few ads and let them go for months and months or even a year. This is not wise! Keep your ads fresh!

You need to be constantly monitoring your ads performance and changing them when they become “stale.” If you are marketing in a specific regional area, then the ads will lose their appeal to your target market because they will have seen it before and skip it. The digital marketing algorithms will pick up on this, and often times will not show that person the ad again.

Additionally, research has shown that people need to see your brand/message 8 times before they finally call or purchase.

For the reasons above, you need to CONSTANTLY be working on your marketing campaign. You need to be changing the message, the target audience, the pictures, and the entire theme on a regular basis. Some people will react to blue while others will react to pink. You need to have multiple ads with different themes and be changing them out on a monthly basis.

Sound like a lot of work? It really isn’t once you create a few themes and messages. Once you do, you can just mix everything you have created to create new ads.

Remember, change your ads, themes, and marketing messages on a monthly basis! If you do this, watch your patient volume steadily grow!

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