Marketing Tip Monday #15: Email Lists for Your Practice

Email Marketing Laptop Desk  - ProdeepAhmeed / Pixabay

You need to build an email list for your practice! Why? Because marketing directly to people who already show interest in your services and products will be a better return on your investment then finding new patients.

I suggest building 2 email lists:

  1. New potential patients through your website.
  2. Current and old patients.

The email list you can build directly from your website will provide you with powerful leads, but you need to entice potential patients with an offer. This is what I suggest: entice potential patients with a 20% off coupon for their initial visit after they sign up to your email list. Once they sign up, they are sent an automated email with a 20% coupon. If they use it, great! If they don’t, no worries! Continue to email them with services and information about your practice every week. Sometimes it takes a new customer to see your product/service 8 times before they pull the trigger.

In terms of an email list built from your current and existing patients, you simply can just build the list based off their contact information within your EMR. Most of your patients should have signed an electronic communication consent when they filled out their demographic information within your EMRs clinical portal, therefore this shouldn’t be an issue. If they did not, simply have them fill out a generic electronic communication consent (Google this, there are thousands of them). Once you create this list, you need to email your current patients (at least monthly) with new services and products you offer in addition to promotions you are having. This will generate new revenue in your practice!

Use AWeber, Mailchimp, or any email marketing platform you want. They are all generally the same and will accomplish the job of promoting your services and ultimately building up your revenue!

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