Marketing Tip Monday #16: Content is King for the Nurse Practitioner Practice Website!

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Content is KING!

Your website is CRITICAL for your practice’s success. It literally is the FOUNDATION to your marketing campaign. Remember, it is the post card to the world for your business. Therefore, you need to ensure that the content on the website is PERFECT.

When I consult with nurse practitioners, I often times recommend a total remake of their practice’s website. Why? Because the content is lacking.

What do I mean by content? The content on your website is basically the words within it. You need to ensure everything is explained in 5th grade language and is easy to understand. Do not write complicated or confusing content. Write content that is easy and straight to the point. Remember, people have very short attention spans and 50% of the population has an IQ less than 100…

This is my recommendation: spend 1-2 weeks WRITING the content on your website. Write it, read it, edit it, read it, and write it again. It needs to be PERFECT. It needs to flow well in a logical progression, and it MUST be easy to understand. People do not want a job when they land on your website, therefore you need to get the point across quickly of what your practice DOES. If I land on a website and don’t understand what it is “that you do” within 1 minute, I leave the website. That is generous as most people give it 5-10 seconds according to marketing research. So, ensure that your service line and your mission is very obvious on your home page.

Outside of the persons experience, content is important for SEO reasons. The more content on your website = the higher chance search engines like Google will pick up your website and rank it higher in search results. How do you get more content? Just write articles about topics within your practices niche. I advise at least 2 articles monthly. I will just write about random men’s health issues and throw it on the site. No one ever comments on it, that is fine… Honestly, I don’t even care if people read it. It is just there so I continue to rank #1 in my region for men’s health practices on Google searches.

Content is CRITICAL to your practice’s success. Therefore, spend time writing the content on your website. It will pay off.

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  1. I really appreciate you writing this post! Its great to be reminded of the importance of writing simply and clarifying what your business does very clearly to the viewer. Definitely something I am working more on and your points are a great guide. Thanks again!

    1. Claire,

      You are very welcome 🙂 Glad it helped! Very important to keep your message clear and straight to the point.

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