Marketing Tip Monday #17: Billboards for the Nurse Practitioner Practice

Billboard Banner City Advertising  - AlLes / Pixabay

Let’s talk BILLBOARDS! I am often asked from nurse practitioner entrepreneurs if billboards are worthwhile or not. I think they can be, but it depends on your situation.

I think billboards work GREAT for getting the word out into your local area about your practice. Having a billboard or 2 (or 3-4 if you can afford it) for a 3-month campaign is a SOLID way to let your area know that you exist. Outside of 3 months could potentially be a waste of money though as the same people drive by the same billboard daily. Few “new eyes” would see it after 3 months.

Billboards also would work great for an established practice that is integrating a new service line. For example, let’s pretend that you have a hormone replacement clinic that just integrated IV infusion services into it. A great way to get some foot traffic into your practice would be having a billboard that states “IV-Infusion Therapy NOW AVAILABLE!” This would drive new patients into the door for IV infusion which could potentially convert into HRT patients as well!

It is very important that the billboard is STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. If you cannot fit your message on the billboard in less than 8 words, then you are wasting your time and money. I love seeing these billboards that have a paragraph on it… NO ONE can read that. They have 2-3 seconds to see it… THAT’S IT (unless traffic is moving slowly). So, have straight to the point messages on the billboard such as “Men’s Health and Testosterone Clinic NOW OPEN!” or “IV-Infusion Clinic Now Seeing Patients!” or “Menopause? Women’s Health Clinic NOW OPEN TO HELP!” I think you get the picture…

The downside with billboards though is that they can be expensive. For this reason, just stick with 1 at first for 3 months minimum and see how it converts. If it is doing well, then consider putting a couple more up in your area and GET THE WORD OUT about your practice. Remember, no one knows you exist. You must TELL THEM you exist! Because of this, marketing is the number one function of your practice!

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