Marketing Tip Monday #18: FAQs on the NP Practice Website

Tablet Frequently Asked Questions  - geralt / Pixabay

Tired of answering the same old questions from potential patients? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time answering the same thing over and over again? Then consider putting a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on your practice’s website!

This should be part of the content component of your marketing strategy. Remember, CONTENT IS KING when it comes to your website, and a FAQ is a great addition to your overall content.

Not only will it help answer common questions people have, but it will also increase your search engine optimization (SEO) as there will be a plethora of keywords within your FAQ that should increase your search engine rankings!

What are some common questions patients might have about your practice? Here are a few examples:

Does (your service line) help with (applicable symptom)?

Do you accept insurance? (If you don’t, explain why)

How much is (your service)?

How does treatment work?

How often do I see (the provider)?

What are the expected benefits of treatment?


The point of the FAQ is to answer the most common questions that your potential patients will have as this will accomplish 3 things:

  1. Increase patient satisfaction with your website.
  2. Decrease the amount of phone calls and time on the phone answering questions.
  3. Increase your SEO.

Therefore, if your website does not have a FAQ, then spend a couple hours and get one up on it! It will only BENEFIT your practice and website!

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