Marketing Tip Monday #20: Footwork Marketing for Your Practice

Boots Forest Hike Trip Adventure  - Skitterphoto / Pixabay

Let’s talk about good old fashion “strappin your boots on and doing some footwork” marketing!

What I mean by “footwork” marketing is getting out in your community and spreading the word about your practice. It is how marketing used to be done before the digital age, but it still works GREAT! So, do not overlook this form of marketing. Remember, your marketing campaign should have MULTIPLE strategies within it, and “footwork” marketing is a cheap and effective strategy when it comes to increasing your patient volume.

2 personal examples:

Medical Cannabis Clinic: Yes, I have a Google My Business listing, but outside of that I do not market my medical cannabis clinic online. It is very hard to do so because of the “cannabis” component. So, every quarter we “strap on our boots” and get out to areas in our community where patients are. We drop off discount cards to all the dispensaries in the area in addition to CBD stores. I would estimate that 40-50% of my patients come from this activity alone. It is DEFINTELY worthwhile.

Opioid Addiction Clinic: I used to own a Suboxone practice (it was my first practice actually) and while I did advertise some online and had a Google My Business listing, I did most of the marketing for this practice via the “footwork” route. I went to where my patients were; probation offices, psych hospitals, outpatient rehab facilities, narcotics anonymous, etc… I dropped cards and brochures off at these facilities and before I knew it, I was getting a lot of patient referrals. It worked!

If you are just getting started or if you have an established practice and want to integrate a cheap and effective marketing strategy, then consider “footwork” marketing. The trick is finding where your patients frequent and dropping off marketing materials (cards, brochures), discount cards (people love these), and talking with management of these businesses and seeing if you can put ads in their bathrooms, hallways, etc… It works and it will extend your reach further in your local area!

4 Responses

  1. Good Morning! Just checking to see what kind of discount cards you provided to dispensaries. And did the cbd stores give you a hard time about leaving your biz information?

    1. They were just business cards and I had a discount on them. Patients just bring them in and instead of $50 renewals, they are $40, for example. No one has given me a hard time. Either they let me put the cards in their lobbies or at their registers or they don’t. Most dispensaries have had no issues with setting them out as their business is dependent on people having cards.

  2. My practice is telehealth weight loss and primary care/sick visits. I worked at foot marketing a couple weeks ago. Went to gyms, aesthetic spas, and hotels. The response I received was “corporate won’t let us provide business cards.” I realize it’s probably going to take going to small business owners only but was wondering if you have any suggestions on work around at larger businesses like hotels, fitness places.

    1. Mendi,

      Unfortunately, corporate businesses like this are strict. There really is no work around unless you just become friends with the employees and they just spread the word… Your best bet are the locally owned gyms!

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