Marketing Tip Monday #22: Facebook Lead Ads

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Looking for a way to generate leads in your practice? Then consider Facebook Lead Ads!

Facebook lead ads allow you to obtain potential patient prospects who might be looking for your niche service!

Instead of having an ad that redirects the potential patient to your website or a landing page, these types of ads keep the user on Facebook. The user simply just fills out a basic form on the ad with details such as their name, phone number, email, etc… Then you receive this information. Piece of cake!

Creating a Facebook lead ad is the same as creating any other Facebook ad. Just go into your ad manager and select “lead generation” as your objective when creating the ad. It is very simple to do and there are all types of tutorials online and on YouTube if you need a walkthrough.

The biggest benefit of using Facebook lead ads is that it gives you the CONTACT information of patients who are interested in your services. It is a powerful tool to generate leads in your practice. Once you obtain their contact information (email, phone number, etc.), then it is up to you on how you want to contact them.

Remember though, you want to have a call to action and provide some sort of FREE VALUE in exchange for the lead. Something as simple as a free B12 injection or free 10-minute phone consultation is more than enough to entice someone to fill out the lead form on the ad!

Happy hunting 😊

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