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Marketing Tip Monday #23: Geotargeting

Business Target Goal Success  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Have a competitor in your area? Do your patients frequent a particular area in your region? Do you know where your potential patients are? Then consider Google search ads and utilizing Geotargeting!

Did you know that you can have ads that appear only where you want them to in your area? This is a great way to increase local traffic to your physical location.

You can use geotargeting to target patients who are near your competitor! YES! So for example, if you have an aesthetics practice but have a competitor one mile away, then you can have ads that target that specific location. If a patient is at that practice and is playing on their phone, then they could see an ad on their Google search WHILE IN THE PARKING LOT that says something like “Come see why we are better AND MORE AFFORDABLE than the competition!” or “Paying too much per Botox Unit? We only charge $10 per unit! Come see why we are the best!” and so forth…

Essentially, you can use geotargeting to target potential customers/patients who frequent your competitor so you can entice them to come check you out! Or you can geotarget potential patients who might frequent a particular store/area in your region. Remember, you want to put your ads in front of the face of your target market! And geotargeting is a great tool to assist you in that.

Checkout how to do it HERE. It is very simple.

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