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Marketing Tip Monday #24: Bounce Rates for the Nurse Practitioner Practice Website

Bouncing Balls Rubber Impact Fall  - Skitterphoto / Pixabay

Provide a great user experience on your website, and see your site begin to rank better organically on Google and other search engines! Yes, it can be that simple and plus it will increase patient conversions.

Many nurse practitioner practice websites do not provide a good user experience. They are unorganized and do not provide any significant content. What does this result in? A high bounce rate…

A bounce occurs when someone lands on your website and then quickly leaves without interacting with anything on your site. If this happens often, Googles algorithm will pick on it and flag your site as being misleading or not relevant to the topic at hand. What happens next? Your site begins to rank lower and lower which ultimately leads to a DECREASE in your patient volume. You know what also can happen? Google will selectively not display your PAID search ads… This is NOT GOOD for your marketing strategy and just a waste of your money.

So, I have a challenge for every one of my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers who have a website for their practice:

Go to your Google Analytics page and see what your bounce rate is. The average bounce rate for a medical practices website is around 55%. If your bounce rate is higher than that, then something is WRONG with your website. You are not providing a solid user experience.

Go to this link HERE for a cool graphic on everything you need to know about bounce rate.

The takeaway is this:

Improve the flow of your website (it needs to make sense and be SIMPLE), ensure the navigation bar is easy to use, provide relevant content to your target market, and get rid of any type of pop ups you might have on your site. If you do these things, then your bounce rate will decrease, and your patient volume will increase!

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