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Marketing Tip Monday #25: Monthly Promotions in the Nurse Practitioner Business!

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Looking for a way to generate more business from your established patients? Then consider having a monthly promotion. Remember, marketing and obtaining business from your ESTABLISHED patients has a far greater return on investment than seeking out NEW patients. So, it is imperative that you try to maximize the lifetime value of EACH PATIENT. What is one way to do this? Promotions!

Are you wanting to integrate a new service line into your practice like HRT, IV infusions, wound care, aesthetics, and so forth? Then a great way to have your established patients take advantage of the new service is by having a promotion on the new service.

Buy 3 and get 1 IV infusion this month only!

20% off on testosterone replacement for the next 2 weeks only!

10% off all cosmetic skin care products in the month of February!

And so forth…

Remember, have a DEADLINE to create urgency with the promotion. It will increase conversions within your practice.

I recommend having some sort of promotion on a monthly basis. It will increase the services your patients utilize, your revenue, and patient satisfaction. It’s a win-win!

This is another reason why building an email list of your patients is important so you can announce the promotions directly to them. Also be sure to have it on your website and on fliers in your lobby!

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