Marketing Tip Monday #28: Have an Offer on EVERY AD for Your Practice!

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I see many nurse practitioner practice ad examples on a weekly basis and there is something very common missing from them: AN OFFER!

You MUST have an offer on every ad you create. Having just a generic statement like “Providing women’s health services now in the Atlanta area!” will not drive many patients to your practice. You MUST offer something to them. Remember the number one rule of marketing? If not, read THIS marketing tip. Essentially, people want free stuff! Providing an offer is similar in nature.

Every single ad, and I mean EVERY SINGLE AD should have an OFFER and a DEADLINE associated with it. You need to incentivize the patients to either call you, go to your website, or schedule an appointment. It today’s market, it is a necessity to do so as competition is increasing in every facet of our economy (not just healthcare!).

Offer examples:

Buy one get one free THIS WEEK ONLY!

Schedule your appointment in the next 12 hours and receive 30% off your initial consultation.

Buy 2 months of semaglutide and receive the 3rd month for 50% off.

Free fat loss assessment on Wednesdays in April. BOOK NOW!

Schedule your initial IV infusion and receive a free glutathione push!

And so forth…

This is not rocket science folks, this is basic human nature: people want rewards and free stuff. Therefore, if you want to increase your patient volume quickly, then begin including free offers within your ads. I provide free B12 injections and free initial 15-minute phone consultations at my men’s health practice. I provide 20% off coupon codes at my medical cannabis clinic. These simple offers cost me very little, and the increased volume offset any loss in profits! In fact, I make more because of the increased volume!

So, think about what you can offer in your practice to incentivize people to come see you vs. the competition!

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