Marketing Tip Monday #29: Landing Pages on the Nurse Practitioner Practice Website

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Do you have a landing page on your website for each service you are providing? I suspect many of you don’t… Having a landing page is VERY important for any type of digital marketing campaign and is often underutilized on the nurse practitioner niche practice website.

A landing page is just that: a page where potential patients “land on” from an ad or link on the web. It is a simple and straight to the point page with a call to action at the end. It does not talk about the services in much detail but sums it up in just 4-5 paragraphs and a few bullet points. The main objective with a landing page is to convert potential patients in an efficient manner.

The trick is to have a specific call to action on the page after you have explained the service you are promoting. This call to action needs to provide an incentive for taking the action presented on the page. Examples include:

Schedule your FREE consult now!

Schedule your initial consultation and receive a free b12 injection!

Schedule your initial consultation and receive 20% off your first 3 months of treatment!

Essentially, have the incentive be specific to the landing page only. This will cause urgency and the potential patient will want to schedule an appointment with you. Remember, getting patients through the door is the hardest part. Once they are in, they are usually in as long as you are providing convenient and valuable care.

These are my recommendations:

Have a separate landing page for each service you offer (HRT, IV infusion, aesthetics, weight loss, etc…)

Have an incentive with the call to action on the landing page.

Keep the landing page SIMPLE and STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. Summarize the service you are providing as followed: symptoms the patient could be experiencing, a brief summary of how the service helps, the benefits, and a brief summary of how it works. Then the calls to action. That is it.

Create multiple ads pointing to these landing pages.

Track and see how well they do. If they underperform, rework the landing page or tinker with your ads target market. If they are converting patients, then keep it up!

A solid landing page is a critical component to your marketing strategy, therefore do not skip out on building solid landing pages on your site! They are worth their weight in gold!

If you need assistance with your website or building a landing page, be sure to checkout the web developer I use and who I am partnering with on our upcoming Elite NP Marketing Agency:

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