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Marketing Tip Monday #30: Multiple Marketing Channels

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Many nurse practitioner entrepreneurs become fixated on just 1 or 2 ways to market their niche practice. While it is important to focus on one or 2 processes at a time to prevent overload paralysis, it is not wise for your marketing strategy. The astute nurse practitioner entrepreneur should utilize as many marketing channels as they can for their practice!

More channels = the more effective your marketing efforts will be. Remember, sometimes it takes a new customer to see your ad 8 times before they ever click on it. Also remember that not every potential patient will be on Facebook, some might be on LinkedIn or TikTok for example.

For these 2 reasons, you should utilize as many marketing channels as you can for your practice. The more the better!

The more platforms you are on, the more patients you will get. It is that simple. You need to utilize a mix of both traditional and digital channels as well. For example, my men’s health clinic utilizes Google search ads and SEO but we also have traditional ads in restaurants, bars, and even a billboard. My medical cannabis clinic uses SEO heavily but also business cards and relationships with a multitude of dispensaries. My friends wellness practice has ads all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube but also has some ads in local magazines. The point here is that you need to be in as many places as possible.

So, don’t limit yourself to Facebook alone. Try to get the word out about your practice in as many digital AND traditional places as you. The more places you are at, the more faces will see your practice, and the more business you will obtain!

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  1. Great recommendations. I am looking to advertise my Emsella Chair (for pelvic floor strengthening and incontinence care) to local MDs, NPs, and specialists…any suggestions on how to start? Does a faxed prospectus work?

    Thanks in advance for your time and insights


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