Marketing Tip Monday #32: Advertising PERSONALIZED Care in the Nurse Practitioner Practice

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American consumers are wanting more and more personalized experiences and products, and healthcare is no different! Because of this, you need to ensure you are providing “personalized” care to your patients. What does this mean from a marketing standpoint? It means you need to push this as hard as you can in you marketing material!

People generally do not like cookie cutter approaches to their health. They want to FEEL like they are receiving something special and unique to their personal circumstances. This is one way you deliver VALUE to your patients. So, it is CRITICALLY important that you deliver this message in your ads!

“Personalized hormone replacement therapy to meet YOUR needs”

“You are unique and deserve a unique and personalized IV hydration solution!”

“Customized weight loss solutions to fit YOU!”

“Tired of being treated like a number? We treat you like an individual and create a personalized plan of care to fit your unique needs.”

And so forth…

Remember, the content in your advertisements need to be straight to the point and catch the attention of potential patients quickly. ALWAYS have an offer! ALWAYS have a deadline! And ALWAYS try to make the service you are offering as PERSONALIZED as possible. This will set you apart from most of the competition!

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