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Marketing Tip Monday #33: Brand Awareness

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Let’s talk about brand awareness marketing. Brand awareness is just another fancy term of getting your business known in whatever community you want. This community can be your town or can be a targeted niche demographic online. The point is to make THOSE PEOPLE aware that you even exist. That is it.

Brand awareness revolves around speaking directly to your audience about what your brand is and where it is located. The goal is to put your brand in the back of the minds of your potential patients so they know you exist when the time comes.

“Oh, I remember seeing an ad about that IV infusion clinic. I heard those make you feel great, so I will find and call them!”

“Hey I saw the ad for that clinic online! I have been feeling fatigued lately, maybe I should call them.”

It is essentially about putting your brand in the mind of your customers. They might not use it now, but they are aware it exists. The more they see it, the more they might be intrigued. When a problem arises in their mind, they will remember your brand (hopefully).

These ads should be straight forward:

Peak Men’s Health and Testosterone Clinic serving men of all ages.

Glow Aesthetics: helping improve your beauty in Dallas.

And so forth… It is just a simple statement about what you are.

Ensure your logo and the images on the ad grab their attention though!

Tip: Do not spend a lot of money on brand awareness. These ads typically do not convert patients like ads that provide offers and deadlines. These ads just pique the interest within your target market. A great example is a billboard in your town. This just makes people aware that you exist. So, keep that in mind if you decide to develop a brand awareness ad!

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