Marketing Tip Monday #34: Speak to Your Patient!

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When you write content for your website and your ads, you need to SPEAK TO YOUR PATIENT. This is how you relate to them. This is how you build interest. This is how you elicit an emotion. This is ultimately how you get a patient to schedule an appointment at your practice as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur. This is very important!

The first step is to identify your target market. You need to know who you are speaking to. If you do not know who your target demographic is, then stop reading this right now and figure that out. There are multiple articles on this website about target markets.

Once you determine who your target market is, then it is time to start speaking to them!

What do they want?

What is a prevalent and common problem amongst those individuals?

What health issues do they face?

What are some struggles in their life?

How can I help them resolve their issues?

Ask yourself these questions and present them within your ads that are specific to your target demographic. Then offer solutions to those problems as someone who understands.

An example at my men’s health clinic:

“Having difficulties keeping up in the bedroom? We understand and can offer solutions to help.”

“Recovery from workouts and from physical activity decreases as you age. But there are ways to improve this as we get older so men can remain active and vibrant. Schedule a free consult to find out more!”

I spoke directly to a man who is having low libido, possible erectile dysfunction, and decreases physical performance. I know my patients and I know these are problems that affects them, therefore I tailored the ad copy to talk TO THEM directly.

This is pretty simple!

If you ask these questions, determine what issue is affecting them, and speak to your audience, you will find more people scheduling appointments at your practice! I guarantee it!

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