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Marketing Tip Monday #36: Value Propositions in the Nurse Practitioner Business

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Having a value proposition in your ads, marketing material, and on your website is critically important for the success of the nurse practitioner practice. It is what helps separate you from the competition. So, what is a value proposition?

A value proposition is a simple statement about why a potential patient/customer should choose your practice. It clearly states a benefit that patients will receive from coming to your practice and should also state why you do it better than anyone else in the industry either in your local/regional area or even statewide if you are operating a telemedicine practice.

If you can write a solid value proposition statement, then you have just laid down the foundation to your entire marketing campaign. Everything can then be built off that statement.

Here is a simple template on how to write a value proposition:

Our practice helps (1) do (2) by providing (3)

(1) = your target market and demographic

(2) = a specific task in their life that they are having an issue with or a particular symptom they may be experiencing

(3) = the service and/or product that your practice provides

Here are a few examples:

Men’s Health: Elite Men’s Health helps the middle-aged bachelor perform like he did in his 20s by providing an individualized testosterone replacement therapy regimen.

IV Infusion: The IV drip lounge helps the stressed-out professional recover from the activities of being a weekend warrior by providing IV hydration and vitamins to refuel your life.

Women’s BHRT: The women’s center helps the menopausal women get back her drive and mojo by providing bioidentical hormone pellets and personalized monthly medical visits.

I hope you get the picture. This is not rocket science.

I want every nurse practitioner entrepreneur out there who might be struggling with their marketing efforts to use the above equation and write out 10 value propositions. Then rework them until you have 3 solid ones. Even if you have a successful practice, then developing a few new value propositions could help reignite your marketing campaign.

Now, get out there, get some patients, and continue down your path to nurse practitioner freedom!

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