Marketing Tip Monday #37: Google Search Ads

Computer Mac Google Internet  - Philipp_Pistis / Pixabay

Having low traffic to your website? Is your site ranking low on Google search engine results? Do you feel like you aren’t getting as many inquiries or phone calls as you should? Then you need to setup some Google Search Ads! Seriously, out of all the digital ads that I launch for my practices, the Google Search Ads perform the best.

What is a Google Search Ad? Essentially it is an ad that will populate on the Google search engine based off what an individual is searching for.

So, if someone is looking up “vitamin infusions near me” and you happen to have those keywords as a phrase that will show your ad, then the individual will see the ad for your IV infusion clinic AT THE TOP.

For my men’s health clinic, I use keywords such as “testosterone replacement therapy” “men’s health clinic near me” “men’s health” “erectile dysfunction treatment” “TRT clinic” and so forth. Every time someone in my state searches for these words in Google, my clinic should pop up at the top. Since I see patients statewide via telemedicine, this is critically important in obtaining patients in the tough to reach/rural places.

The trick with Google search ads though is that you need to constantly be monitoring their performance. You need to see who is clicking on the ads based off the keywords that you designate in the ad when you are creating them. This will tell you what is and isn’t working, which will help you fine tune the keywords needed. This took me many months with my men’s health clinic, but it paid off.

This is a fantastic article that goes into more specifics for those that want to dial in their Google search ads. I would highly advise reading it entirely and then begin ramping up your Google ad campaign!

Additional, HERE is more information from Google on these types of ads.

Remember, this is just one more tool in your toolbelt for marketing your practice.

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