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Marketing Tip Monday #38: Marketing Your Practice Under a Different Name

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I get asked this question multiple times a week: “Can I market my practice under different names for the various niche medical services I am providing?”

And my answer is: “Sure, why not?”

Remember, a lot of marketing is just trial and error. It is having the world tell you what they want. A part of developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for your practice is by experimenting with various ads, images, and even practice names. Yes! Even practice names.

Here is an example:

Jane Doe FNP is operating a wellness practice where she is going to be offering BHRT pellets, men’s health, aesthetics, IV infusion therapy, and peptides. She has been marketing under her LLC name “Endure Wellness and Aesthetics” but is not having a lot of results through her digital marketing campaign.

I talk with Jane and tell her to market under various DBA (doing business as) names, but still operate under her LLC. So, she begins creating campaigns marketing under various names such as:

Endure Men’s Health and Testosterone Center

Endure Aesthetics and Skin Care Clinic

Endure Clinic: Hormone Optimization for Women

And so forth…

After doing this, she finds that many of her marketing campaigns are resulting in more quality leads and phone calls to her practice. She is also finding that the men’s health and aesthetics ads are doing better than any of the other ones.

This leads to 2 things:

  1. More patient volume.
  2. Insight on the demand for what services are wanted in her area.

Jane now focuses her efforts more on aesthetics, cosmetic skin care, and men’s health. Sure, she is still providing peptides and BHRT pellets to her clients, but her LEAD MAGNETS are marketing under those 2 names for aesthetics and men’s health.

One important concept about marketing under different names is to ensure you have a landing page on your website that stays congruent with the name you are marketing under. It is all about public perception and if the potential patient lands on a page with a different name, it might confuse them. Also, when they get to your clinic, you will have the “Endure” portion of your name inside it, staying consistent with your LLC and the name you marketed under. So for example, when patients arrive, they will just see the “Endure” on the walls, on the door, etc… This stays congruent to the names!

This article goes over a few more details on the legal and operational aspects of offering multiple services in your practice under various DBA names!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Justin – how about business cards/flyers I might hand out to local businesses or people? Separate cards for separate services or list multiple services say on the back of the card, with the generic “Endure” name on the front? ( OR – maybe business cards are just too old school lol?)

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