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Marketing Tip Monday #4: Your Practices Target Market

Target Target Group Silhouettes  - geralt / Pixabay

Who is your target market? This is absolutely FOUNDATIONAL to your practice’s success.

Do you even know who your target market is? If not, you better get on that.

Your target market will set the stage for your marketing campaigns. As I have said before, promoting a men’s health clinic to a 75-year-old Baptist lady who is into quilting is a waste of your money.

Identifying your target market will guide you in your ad placement and branding strategies. If you are opening an aesthetics practice, then your target market will be a certain group of people. It is critically important to identify these people because generally speaking, groups of people with similar interests consume the same media.

Men typically don’t read beauty magazines. Women typically don’t read fishing magazines. Everyone is different and it is your job to find out what your target market likes and what media they consume.

You will be more successful marketing hormone replacement therapy to women between the ages of 45-55 who are interested in salsa dancing than just women between the ages of 45-55. Why? Because you can tailor an ad that SPECIFICALLY SPEAKS to middle aged women who salsa dance and place those ads in the right places. Women who salsa dance might be on Instagram more than Facebook. They also might be found more in gyms than a doughnut shop.

Identify your target market, brand your practice to speak to that target market, and place your ads where your target market is. Do this, and watch your practice grow!

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