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Marketing Tip Monday #41: Publication Marketing for the Nurse Practitioner Business

Old Man Elderly Bench Reading  - icsilviu / Pixabay

Digital marketing provides the best return on investment a nurse practitioner can get in terms of spending marketing dollars, but what about traditional marketing avenues such as newspapers, magazines, and local publications? Are these still viable?

The answer is: it depends.

The biggest factor when deciding on spending money putting an ad for your practice into a publication is your TARGET MARKET. Does your target market read these publications? If they don’t, you are wasting your money.

That is really it. Remember, you want to get your ads in front of the eyes of your target demographic. EVERY single niche practice will have a certain demographic that they tailor services to. Therefore, if you understand who your target market is, then you know what they might be reading, and you will increase your chances for launching a successful ad campaign.

Newspapers: Typically, only older adults read the newspaper anymore. I couldn’t tell you the last time I picked up a newspaper and I am approaching 40. So, if your target demographic is under the age of 50, chances are that advertising in a newspaper will be a waste of your money.

Magazines: What does the magazine talk about? Is this a subject your target demographic is interested in? If so, then it could prove to be worthwhile. If you own an aesthetics practice, then advertising in beauty/makeup/fashion magazines could prove to be worthwhile. If you own a men’s health practice, then advertising in golfing/car magazines could be profitable. If you own a psychiatric practice, then advertising in Psychology Today could be beneficial. It really just depends on what your patients are interested in!

Local publications: You know those neighborhood magazines that you get in the mail? Those actually can be GOLD for the right practices. Typically, the women of the household will read these, therefore, if your demographic are predominately women, then these could prove to be worthwhile. I have advertised in my states ranching/farming magazines for my men’s health clinics. Guess what? It paid off BIG TIME.

The key here folks is that your target demographic MUST be reading the publication that your print ad is in. If they are not. It is a WASTE of time… I advertised in an outdoor recreational magazine for my second men’s health clinic, and it was an epic waste of money. Why? Well come to find out, only retired individuals over the age of 65 read it. Unfortunately, that just really is not my patient demographic…

So, put some thought into who will be reading the publication and ensure it is your patient demographic. If it is not, you will flush your money down the toilet.

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