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Marketing Tip Monday #42: Hiring a Marketer or Doing It Yourself as a Nurse Practitioner Business Owner

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Should you be doing the marketing yourself as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur?

Or should you just outsource the work to a “professional” so you can focus on other tasks and patient care?

Well, it just depends… Remember, marketing is the NUMBER ONE function of your business. It seriously is one of the MOST important aspects of operating any type of business, regardless of if it is a practice or if it is a clothing store. You must get customers through the door. Therefore, as the business owner you should have a solid understanding of marketing first and foremost.

As a business owner, you should understand the foundational concepts of marketing, even if you outsource the work to others. Why? Because it will help you understand the processes behind the scenes. Plus, it will help you hold the marketer you hired accountable. If you are doing it yourself, then you obviously must understand how to do it… there is a reason why I developed an entire marketing course.

In my opinion, you should attempt to do your own marketing during the startup phase of your practice. This will save you a tremendous amount of money and will help you understand what it is your customers/patients want. Plus, you might find that you are good at it. If you are, then there is no need to ever hire a marketing unless you grow quickly. Since marketing is the number one function of your business, YOU as the business owner should understand how to do it.

If you are in the startup phase of your practice and simply don’t want to do the marketing yourself, then be aware that your ads/marketing campaigns for your business will come from the minds of people OUTSIDE of your business and it will increase your costs. Personally, I think YOU as the business owner should understand how to talk to your target market. You are seeing the patients after all right? I believe your marketing results will be decreased if you hire someone else to write your ads for you, so be aware of that. Perhaps hiring a marketer to help you with the technical aspects could be worthwhile if you are not very tech savvy though.

Now, if you have a successful practice and have been doing the marketing yourself, then you should consider hiring out a marketer to help you grow your practice further. Even if you have a successful practice, you must NEVER stop marketing. I am serious about that. NEVER EVER stop marketing. Patients come and go, therefore you need a constant supply of new patients coming through the door. This is CRITICAL to your success.

So, if you have an established practice and want to begin seeing more patients or working ON your business for growth, then I would recommend hiring an outside marketer to help you. I have for a couple of my businesses. Why? Because I simply don’t have the time for the technical aspects of marketing (retargeting campaigns, dialing in KPI numbers, fine tuning target market settings, Facebook pixel, etc.). I do have time for the CREATIVE aspects of marketing, but I enjoy this. I think designing ads and writing the ad copy is fun.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Here are some final considerations in determining if hiring a marketer is right for you and your business or not:

  1. If you are a “do it yourself” type of person and are somewhat tech savvy, then do the marketing yourself during the startup phase and initial year of your niche practice.
  2. If you are not very creative and/or tech savvy but have some extra money, then hire a marketer during the startup phase.
  3. If you have a successful practice and have been doing the marketing yourself, then continue to do so (it is the number one function of your business!) but consider hiring out a marketer to start handling the technical aspects of marketing and begin developing more advanced campaigns. This is what I did.
  4. If you have a successful practice and have hired out a marketer, then be sure you understand what it is they are doing and hold them accountable. You MUST be monitoring the results to ensure you are getting what you have paid for.

Oh, and Happy 4th of July!

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