Marketing Tip Monday #43: Interview Marketing for the Nurse Practitioner Business

Interview Speech Conference Press  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Have you considered being interviewed for a local TV or radio station? Or even on a podcast that is relevant to your target market? Maybe you should.

Personally, I have never done this for my men’s health clinic, but I have for The Elite Nurse Practitioner. In terms of marketing your practice though, I know many nurse practitioners who have done this with FANTASTIC results. I even have a local friend who owns a regenerative practice that did this on a local TV station, and it literally resulted in hundreds of new patients.

Getting on TV, or a radio show, or even a podcast is within the brand awareness space of marketing. You are essentially broadcasting to the world what services you offer. The trick here though is to ensure that the interviewer showcases your EXPERTISE within your niche service line AND gives you the opportunity to provide FREE value to the people watching. If you do this, potential patients will begin calling your practice or even visiting your website. I guarantee it.

How do you do this?

First, come up with how you are going to present yourself to the TV/Radio/Podcast channels. Discuss how a specific problem (that you treat) is affecting people in the viewing area and how you can deliver solutions to their problem. Be sure to state you want this to be more of an educational and an awareness interview vs. you promoting your business. They will let you plug your business in at the very beginning and at the end.

So, who do you talk with? Simple:

TV: Reach out to the program director for specific TV programs or the Chief of Staff/specific reporter for local news. Their email/number should be listed on their website.

Radio: Reach out to the program director or even the host of whatever radio show you want to get on. Their email/number should be listed on their website.

Podcast: Find the email of the podcast host and/or their producer and email them.

It is that simple! You might get a lot of NOs, but I guarantee you will get an occasional YES!

Also, will this cost anything? It depends. Some stations will charge you a fee for this if it is more of a press release type of piece, but if it is simply an interview and you convince them there is enough value and information available within the interview to engage their audience, then chances are they will do this for free. Therefore, it could be HUGE publicity for your practice!

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