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Marketing Tip Monday #44: Structuring the Free 15 Minute Consult Call

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Remember, you always want to provide something for FREE in your ads. It is the number one rule of marketing after all!

The 2 foundations of an ad are:

Having a CLEAR deadline.

And having a CLEAR offer!

Basically, you want to be offering a discount or a free service/product and it must have an end date.

One “free” service you can offer through your niche practice is the free 15-minute phone consultation. They work fantastic when it comes to selling your service to an interested patient. If the patient wants to take you up on a free 15-minute consultation, then this is what is called a WARM lead. This means that they are interested in your services but might have some reservations. This is the time to SELL them on why they should come to your clinic and seek treatment!

I do this at my men’s health clinic, and it works wonders. I would estimate we have an 80% close rate on these free 15-minute phone consults. That means for every 10 calls we do, 8 of them turn into paying patients. Those are FANTASTIC numbers, but you want to make sure you do it right.

Here is how to structure the free 15-minute phone consult:

  1. Introduce yourself and simply ask “How can *insert clinic name* help you?” or “How can *insert your niche service* help you?” And then just let them talk. The key here is to keep your ears tuned to what their PAIN point is. What is it that they are having an issue with?
  2. Once you identify the pain point, then it is time for you to shine. This is where you explain how your services can help treat/alleviate that pain point so they can live a better life.
  3. They will likely have a question or 2 after that and you should answer it CONCISELY.
  4. Make sure the conversation doesn’t start meandering off topic. After they ask a couple questions, go STRAIGHT to the close. Tell them how it works and that they can get started as soon as possible. This is where I tell them “Alright, lets go ahead and get some lab work. That is the first step. Once we get all the results back, we will call you to schedule your initial consultation that lasts approximately 45 minutes. My staff will call you shortly to get the lab work setup.”
  5. They will say “Sounds good” 80% of the time. This is where you thank them and state “I look forward to talking with you again in a week or 2.”
  6. And then END the call. You DO NOT want to be on the phone with these people for more than 10-15 minutes. Remember, this is a FREE initial consult. Your time is valuable, therefore don’t spend too much time on this.

For the free loaders that try to keep you on the phone or the ones that turn cold during the call, just end the call ASAP. Tell them you have another call, and you must get off the phone. JUST END IT! They aren’t going to turn into paying patients anyways, so don’t worry about it.

That is it folks! It is very simple. The key here is to identify their pain point and offer a solution to it. That is how you CLOSE the free 15-minute phone consult!

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