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Marketing Tip Monday #46: Referral Partnerships in the Nurse Practitioner Practice

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What are marketing/referral partnerships? Simply put, they are a partnership you make with an outside organization/person to either promote your business or to provide you referrals.

First off, this isn’t an anti-kickback worry. You aren’t paying them, and they aren’t paying you. You aren’t defrauding Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance… Practices refer to other practices all the time. I just wanted to get that out of the way.

A marketing/referral partnership is simply a handshake and/or a friendship type of arrangement. Essentially, you provide a lot of value to the person/organization you have the “arrangement” with. They like what you and your practice are doing, and so in exchange they refer clients to you. On the other side of the coin, you appreciate what they do and find value in their service and recommend their products and services to your patients. It is a win win.

I absolutely love one of the gyms in my city. It is more of an old-school gym that tailors to weightlifters and people who are serious about exercise. The equipment is iron and steel. They have plenty of squat racks and power racks. They have a huge selection of free weights. They DO NOT have a bunch of treadmills and weight machines… Basically, it is a great gym. I go there and know the owner in a somewhat “passing” fashion. He thinks what I am doing at my men’s health practice and thinks it is a great service to the men in our community, so he refers customers to us all the time and lets me put fliers and cards out for free. I refer patients over there all the time because it is a great gym. The owner even gives discounts to my men’s health patients, and I provide a one time 20% discount to clients of that gym. It is a win-win.

There are a few dispensaries in my city that offer great quality products. Their edibles are consistent in nature, and they have more “medical” focused products. Additionally, their staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. I refer my patients to these dispensaries all the time because I trust them. I visit these dispensaries often and they are more than HAPPY to refer patients to my medical cannabis clinic and for me to leave business cards out. Additionally, they like the knowledge I possess and my affordable prices, therefore they even allow me to do evaluations at their location. I even offer 10% off to my patients when I am there doing evaluations. It is a win win.

So, be thinking of WHERE YOUR patients are. Go to those places. Meet the owners/managers. Discuss how their products/services are valuable and that you would love to refer patients to them. Trust me, they will refer clients to you as well IF they believe you are providing VALUE and QUALITY SERVICES to your community.

Today, I want you to sit back and answer these questions:

Where do my patients go? What are other businesses that tailor to my patients wants and needs? (so you better understand your target market)

Do these businesses provide additional value to my patients lives? Is it worth referring patients there?

What type of value can I deliver to that business’s clientele?

Answer these questions, and then go to those businesses and develop a relationship. It is THAT easy.

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  1. Would an affiliate agreement in which people are paid be considered anti kickback? I was of the understanding that it would not be if you are cash pay and not a government funded/insurance type of clinic. A large number of well known clinics are doing affiliate type programs.Darin

      1. What if you are a hybrid practice that also accepts insurance but have a separate consent for your cash based services as well as a disclaimer that the cash services are separate from primary care and you do not or cannot bill insurance for those services like TRT, weight loss etc.


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