Marketing Tip Monday #47: Absolute Marketing MUSTS for the Nurse Practitioner Business

Marketing plan graph on notepad

There are a few marketing MUSTS every single nurse practitioner practice should have implemented. In my opinion, these are non-negotiable:

  1. A Google Business Listing that is OPTIMIZED with REVIEWS. This means you have updated pictures, details, hours, and you need to have as many reviews as possible on it. This is CRITICAL. Remember, people are looking for you, and this is the first step in the process for most people.
  2. Always be asking your patients to leave reviews for you. You need 50+ to make an impactful difference on your Google listing.
  3. A solid Search Engine Optimization strategy in place for your website. Again, people are LOOKING for you, so make it as easy as possible for potential patients to find you. Remember, these patients are WARM leads– they want your services. Having solid SEO is done by having lots of content on your website, blog posts/articles, and having a web designer who can fine tune the technical back end of your website.
  4. Ensure you are providing EXCELLENT customer service and care. Ensure you are providing affordable services. Word of mouth is POWERFUL.
  5. Ensure you have identified your target demographic. Knowing WHO your patients are allows you to speak directly to them. It also allows you to fine tune your marketing efforts.
  6. Always have at least 2 digital ads out at all times. I think you should have one social media ad and one Google search ad. The social media ad is more for brand awareness and getting the message out. The Google search ad helps convert the warm leads into paying patients.
  7. And NEVER stop marketing. Marketing is the number one function of your business; therefore, it should never stop. Patients come and go… therefore you need a consistent new supply of patients coming through the door. This will allow your practice to GROW.

Read all the marketing tips I have published. They are here to help you grow your practice. The above though are not negotiable. You must be doing these 7 tasks at ALL times.

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