Marketing Tip Monday #49: Graphic Design for the Nurse Practitioner Business

Branding Copyright Design Spaceship Graphic Concept

A question that we get asked all the time over on The Elite Nurse Practitioner Facebook Group is “where can I design my ads?” or “where do I design my logo?” or “who do you use for all your graphic design?” The options are numerous, but I am going to give you my 2 recommendations.

First, if you have the money then hire a professional graphic artist to do this for you. Seriously, it is worth the money. If you can find a quality graphic artist that understands your practices message and brand, then they can truly create some amazing logos, graphics, and ads for your niche practice. I typically use UpWork to hire professionals like this. Another option is Fiverr. Simply post a job post on those sites and you will get dozens of applications. Pick the best and GO!

If you are on a budget or more of a “do it yourselfer”, then just use Canva. I use Canva all the time for The Elite Nurse Practitioner. The key here though is to use the “pro” subscription which costs a whopping $13 a month. The additional options you have using the pro subscription is totally worth the cost, but the free option works fine for simple graphic art. If you are even a little tech savvy, then you should be able to figure out Canva fairly easily.

There are other programs online, but I like Canva just because it is simple to design graphic art and is more than you will ever need to help build your niche practices brand and marketing material. But if you have the funds, then consider hiring a professional as they will always be able to create better art than what Canva can do.

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