Marketing Tip Monday #50: Patient Loyalty Programs

Gold coins and a stack of speech bubbles written with Loyalty Program on wooden background.

Do you have patient loyalty programs in your niche practice? If not, you should seriously consider having one. Remember, increasing the long-term value of CURRENT patients is MUCH cheaper and has a higher rate of return compared to obtaining NEW patients in terms of your practices marketing strategy. This is key to maximize your marketing dollars! And a simple way of doing this, is simply by having a loyalty program in your practice.

This does not need to be complicated. Keep it simple. You want to increase the perception of value for your patients, and this can be done easily. I will start with an example at my men’s health clinic.

Every Christmas, we mail out Christmas cards to all current patients with a coupon for 10% off their next month or a free bottle of tadalafil. It is a “thank you” for being loyal to our practice. Guess what? Patients LOVE IT. They are so grateful when they come in to redeem the coupon.

Additionally, patients who have been at our practice for 2 years or more receive an additional 10% off services. Outside of that, if patients purchase 12 months in advance, I give them 20% off for being loyal to the practice.

 I also provide an appreciation discount for police, first responders, and veterans, while not necessarily a “loyalty” perk, it is more of an “appreciation” perk for all that they sacrifice.

So, don’t complicate this folks. Something as simple as a free product, service or even a discount is sufficient.

Some ideas:

Purchase 6 months of treatment and receive a free *whatever your practice does* or a 10-20% discount.

1-year patients receive a free month of *insert service*

2- year patients receive a special *insert product or service*

The key here is to provide something of VALUE that doesn’t stretch your practices margins by much.

Having simple a loyalty program continues to keep those patients loyal and it improves patient satisfaction. In turn, you have patients for life, and they also tell their friends about you, which only helps your practice succeed!

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