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Marketing Tip Monday #52: Google Analytics To Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns

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No matter what your niche may be, it’s vital to have performance-based marketing campaigns to ensure the success of your practice. After all, you have a right to know whether you get value from spending your business dollars.

Nowadays, there’s a range of tools available on the internet to help you analyze data for marketing campaigns. However, no tool provides detailed insight about a business better than Google Analytics – one of my favorite web analytics tools.

Regarding the best marketing analytics software or tools, no list would be complete without Google Analytics. Most successful businesses use this tool, therefore you should as well!

With the help of Google Analytics, you can gauge both on-site (content, website usage, and conversions) and off-site (SEO and promotional campaigns) marketing performance.

To track and monitor social media platforms for your practice, consider monitoring lead sources, etc., to see where sales and revenue come from.

Below are the steps to use the Google Analytics tool to focus your efforts and resources on platforms generating patient conversions and phone calls to your practice.

  • Create a Google Analytics Goal ID: Make sure to provide all your marketing campaigns with numeric IDs (also called Google Analytics Goal IDs). This helps not only segment desired data, but you can track it as well.
  • Review Channel Platforms: Once you define your business goals, you can easily monitor leads landing on source channel platforms. For instance, you may notice Meta (formerly Facebook) drives much more qualified leads for your business than Twitter. This data helps you show where your efforts and money need to go most so you can have more sales and revenue. Remember, you always want to focus on what WORKS with your marketing campaign.
  • Segment Your Traffic Source Platforms: Google Analytics allows you to effortlessly differentiate various traffic sources so you can tell what works. For example, if your practice attracts more leads from a search engine (organic), it means you have an effective SEO strategy.

Optimize your marketing efforts and campaigns through Google Analytics to ensure your niche practice runs smoothly and generates higher ROIs. The best part? It’s free! If you have difficulty understanding how to do this, then there are a plethora of videos on YouTube that can walk you through the process!

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