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Marketing Tip Monday #54: Facebook Marketing Tips for the Nurse Practitioner Business

Facebook marketing

Quality content always wins, whether you use paid advertisements or not. Plus, if you are cross posting information on your website and social media pages, it will improve your SEO.

Try the following tips to improve your Facebook marketing efforts without spending money on promoted content or ads.

Engage with Influencers In Your Niche

Reach out to your community and find other businesses that are willing to feature your content to benefit their audiences. This can help enhance your reach to a bigger pool of potential patients while the influencer gets some quality content on their Facebook page. A win-win!

Sharing and engaging with other people and businesses in your area could potentially increase your patient volume significantly. All it takes is one post to go “viral” in your area, and having an influencer assist you with this can make it a possibility. Just ensure that their audience is similar to your practices target market. So, if you own a weight loss practice for example, you might want to reach out to local gyms or fitness influencers.

Share Patient Feedback

Leverage reviews from patients to connect and engage with new clients. You only need to ask your existing customers to leave a review on your practice’s Facebook page. Your reviews on Facebook can be just as important as the reviews on your Google listing.

Remember, user-generated content is one of the best ways to market your brand and create awareness.

Simply share their testimonial on your Facebook page, and you’ll be able to increase outreach and promote your service without spending a dollar.

Engage with Your Audience

The best way to promote your Facebook page is to engage your audience with practical, pertinent, and helpful content. Remember, you want to SPEAK to your potential patients.

You could offer timely advice on common issues. For instance, talk about the importance of calorie restriction when it comes to weight loss and provide some recipe ideas. Basically, just write free advice that is pertinent to your practices niche.

Also, share news about your practice and the industry at large. For example, letting patients know about a new weight loss medication that is going to be available at your practice could draw up new business. You should be doing this with your email lists anyways!

The take home message here is this: have an active Facebook page, provide relevant content, and engage with your audience. Many potential patients will be looking at your Facebook page, so ensure it is up to date and active. This is FREE marketing and will result in patient acquisition!

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