Marketing Tip Monday #55: Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing in the Nurse Practitioner Business

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There is no denying that increasing competition has made patient acquisition difficult in many areas. Chances are that many of your competitors already use various digital marketing methods to get new customers, therefore it is critical that you are up to date with marketing and are ALWAYS marketing. Remember, it is the number one function of your business!

However, there’s a superior marketing tactic that very few people use. It’s called Inbound Marketing, and it requires an in-depth understanding of market research, insights, and understanding your target market to promote your practice.

The inbound marketing methodology helps you grow your practice by building meaningful and long-term relationships with your customers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Attract: This marketing strategy emphasizes drawing people’s attention with quality content and conversations. You can use it to communicate with your potential customers. For example, write regular blog posts and give them daily health tips or spread disease awareness on your social media accounts. This method creates a trusting bond with your audience, which is crucial for brand building. Additionally, it makes you look like the expert in your area about your niche service.
  2. Engage: Identify the target audience’s pain points and goals. Give them insights and information based on their pain points so that you can become a credible and trusted source for them. For example, share details and awareness on a new medication or give health advice to a particular group of people like overweight people looking to lose weight.
  3. Delight: The unique feature of the inbound methodology is that it provides real-life engagements with people rather than a robotic and emotionless marketing approach. You can provide customers direct support, help them with their problems, and eventually lead them to your sales funnel. This is done through ENGAGING with your audience.

Take a step ahead of your competitors and incorporate real HUMAN INTERACTION into your marketing platforms and strategies. You can use this practice in your existing campaigns or use them to create a new one. Regardless, it will benefit you either way. If you truly understand what I am saying here, your marketing efforts will surpass your competitions. I guarantee it.

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