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Marketing Tip Monday #57: Text Message Marketing in the Nurse Practitioner Business

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Did you know text message marketing has a 96% open rate? What does this mean for the nurse practitioner entrepreneur? It means that you should be using it!

Text message marketing is simply another marketing channel (of the many you should be using) to acquire and keep current customers.

First, you should have an EMR that has a text messaging function built into it. Most EMRs today have this, so don’t stress out about it if you are still in the start up phase of building your practice. You need to be utilizing the text message functionality of your EMR to its full extent. Essentially, ensure you are sending patients text reminders for appointments, lab draws, and medication refills! This will not only increase patient compliance, but it will also help decrease no show rates. So yes, this is a marketing function of your practice because in INCREASES patient retention!

Now, another text message marketing strategy you need to consider is using a text message marketing platform to provide potential and current customers promotions and offers. Essentially, you obtain the customers phone number multiple ways:

Through your website (by having a popup or sign-up form that states, “Insert your phone number to receive 25% off your first visit!” for example).

By having current customers/patients sign up to your text message platform (just put it into your intake packet… if you use an electronic communication consent form and include this in it, then you are good to go).

Creating various digital ads and having a mechanism to obtain the phone number (similar to a popup on your website).

Once you obtain the number, you can begin texting regular promotions/deals and updates on when your practice begins offering a new service or product. What better way to notify your patients that you have started offering weight loss services than through a massive text to your current patient base? IT WORKS!

There are hundreds of text message marketing platforms out there, so I am not going to list them in this article. I personally like SlickText, but you can Google “Text message marketing platform” and a variety of different platforms will come up.

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