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Marketing Tip Monday #58: Twitter and the Nurse Practitioner Business

Twitter and tweets on social media

Your competitors are already using social media to market their practices on Facebook and Instagram (so, hopefully you are if it fits with your target market). These platforms are chockful of other practices and businesses advertising on them. And while that shouldn’t detract you from building a presence on these platforms, finding other more powerful avenues to connect with your customers is also important because you should be utilizing multiple marketing channels at all times.

Twitter is a great place to get started, especially now that Elon Musk owns it and will not be as strict as other social media platforms in terms of content censorship and ridiculous policies that prevent ads from ever being approved.

This micro-blogging platform can help you network with other businesses and engage with prospective clients and followers. All in all, regular tweets about your practice and niche can help people realize that you are an expert at what you do.

Here’s a quick guide to start promoting your practice on Twitter:

First thing first, creates a Twitter business account. Add your brand logo, cover images, practice details, contact, practice services, and other required info.

Start tweeting. Your tweets should sound natural and be engaging. Although tweets can’t be longer than 280 characters, they are powerful promotional tools to engage with your audience and spread brand awareness. Remember, provide VALUE!

Engage with your followers. Accounts that have more activity with users build more credibility. Talk about various services you offer, disease processes you treat, things you see in your practice daily, and offer value creating content. If you do this, you should build a following fairly easily.

Use Twitter ads if it is within your budget; otherwise, include them later in your social media marketing strategy. They are an effective way to boost engagement and sales.

Being on multiple social channels helps increase your brand credibility, and Twitter is a great way tool of many that you should be using in your practices marketing strategy.

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