Marketing Tip Monday #59: Increase Your Brand Engagement By Connecting With Your Patients

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Social media offers the perfect opportunity to show yourself to potential customers and help them understand your practice’s niche services. It’s a space where you can set off direct conversations about topics that reflect your values, your practices mission, and help you build connections with the right audiences.

So, your efforts on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook influence how well your audience engages with your brand. So treating this platform only as a way of broadcasting updates and new services is a waste of your time and resources.

Here’s what you need to do to engage with more people on social:

Learn About Your Followers

If you don’t understand your target audience, how can you know what they want to see from you?

Your brand voice, the content you share, and your posts’ timing are influenced by your intended audience’s demographics and characteristics.

For example, as a nurse practitioner entrepreneur who owns a weight loss practice, you should be talking about issues surrounding weight loss, fat gain, diet, exercise and so forth. But you need to ensure that you are talking to your followers, not just random people. This is why understanding your target market is so critically important.

Know your people, and then give them what they need, where they need it. If you truly put some thought into that, you can’t go wrong with this formula!

Always Be Genuine

Being authentic on social platforms is preferable to being flawlessly polished (remember, you never need to be 100% ready to succeed in business!). Posting content that exposes your practice’s actual experiences and people will be more attractive than sleek marketing posts that are generic in nature.

This can entail posting behind-the-scenes photos or videos to Instagram Stories, creating a funny caption, or owning up to any slips. Also, potential patients LOVE personal stories from the staff of your practice, and even yourself! If you own a weight loss practice or an aesthetics practice for example, talk about your personal journey. This will increase conversions.

Connect With Your Followers

Images catch attention.  There are countless tools available to assist you with adding a little spice and extra flair to your practice’s images (such as Canva). Also, if you are not camera shy, then videos also are becoming increasingly popular and helps you connect with your followers.

Also, try posting stories with a question-and-answer feature to get your followers to engage. It can also give you in-depth knowledge of the needs of your audience, so you can tailor services and marketing campaigns for them further.  

To sum this tip up: You need understand your target market, you need to be genuine in your posts and engagement, and you need to connect with them through articles, stories, videos, and images. Businesses that do this are more successful than businesses that don’t. And the best part is that most of this is low cost or even free!

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