Marketing Tip Monday #60: Getting More REVIEWS for Your Practice

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One way to boost your visibility and credibility to the public is by having LOTS of authentic reviews.

The most effective practice websites have powerful testimonial pages filled with compelling quotes and reviews from previous customers/patients. And these reviews can make your niche services seem like such a good idea that readers can’t help but schedule an appointment with you.

Reviews and testimonials are powerful because they tell people that your practice is legitimate and that others have seen you and are satisifed.

Here are a few ways to collect reviews and encourage your clients to give you testimonials outside of simply asking them for one at the end of their visit:

Linking online review pages like your Google Business Listing, Yelp, or TrustPilot to your site is one of the best ways to get reviews. Most review sites allow you to add some widget or badge on the homepage once you have claimed the listing for your practice.

When clients and prospects see you asking for reviews on your website, they can tell you respect and value their opinion. As your brand and reputation grow, the reviews widget also helps you to rank higher on search pages and attract new patients.

You could also put these links into your clinical portal or even in a thank you email you send patients after each appointment. Processes like this should be automated easily using a variety of different email marketing platforms and using something called Zapier to communicate between your EMR and the email marketing platform.

Request Clients to Leave Feedback via Text

Seeking patient feedback by text is a quick and cost-effective technique to increase the number of reviews on your site and Google Business Listing.

You can expect patients to open text messages 98% of the time for a whopping 95% response rate. So, text messages work.

Create a quick text asking your patients to tell you about their experience with your practice and ask permission to feature their replies on your website and Google listing

That’s it!

Then sit back and watch as the reviews roll in.

Again, you could simply ask this in your automated text messages through your EMR after you schedule their follow up. USE the tools found in your EMR to your advantage from a marketing standpoint!

Request Feedback via Email

Patients prefer email over more conventional forms of communication.

Approximately 50% of emails are viewed on smartphones, making it easy for people to check and reply to emails immediately. So chances are that most recipients will willingly send in their feedback right away.

Again, this can be automated through your EMRs communication features and would only take you 5 minutes to setup…

The 3 above strategies are relatively simple to impliment but could pay off BIG TIME for your nurse practitioner niche practice. Reviews are CRITICALLY important for the health and wellbeing of your practice.

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