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Marketing Tip Monday #61: Make Sure Your Website is Updated and Modern

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No matter the niche or industry, every business should have a modern and professional looking website to grow, including a nurse practitioner niche practice. Online presence is an absolute must; therefore it should be the top priority for your businesses marketing strategy as it can help your business excel exponentially. For 2023, I want every nurse practitioner sister and brother to do a review of their current practices website and make it a priority to do an update on it so you can grow next year!

More than 71% of small to medium size businesses have websites. Moreover, brands with solid design websites tend to grow 15 to 50% more than businesses without an online presence.

Whether you plan to market your practice locally or expand to multiple states and do telemedicine, properly designed websites help increase authority and credibility. Not to mention it will increase your SEO.

From minimizing congestion and building brand awareness to putting your business in the limelight, a modern designed website can help you with all that and much more.

If you’re running your practice but lack a robust modern website, chances are you might be missing out on key opportunities to obtain new patient leads. Think about it: have you gone to 2 similar businesses websites looking for a service and picked the business that had the better, updated, easily navigable, and professional website? I know I have… your patients aren’t any different.

According to one report, over 80% of patients visit hospital and clinic websites before making an appointment. This shows how valuable a website can be to uplift your business.

To ensure your niche practices website secures desired outcomes, it’s best to offer clients or patients a quality user experience.

Listed below are the features you should include on your website to ensure increased traffic and growth:

  • Price And Service List: Ever wondered what patients want to know when they visit your site? It’s your services and how much do they cost. But on the other side of the coin, should you list your prices? Sometimes it is best to sell patients over the phone. This decision is up to you. Personally, I don’t list prices on my website, but many other nurse practitioners do. Read this article for more about that.
  • Your information: Patients want to know about the person who will treat them. Make sure to provide details of your credentials and experience along with qualifications and education.
  • Chat Options: Provide chat options to clients so they can converse and ask questions. It can be a chat window or simply a contact us form.
  • Blog: No matter how small your website is, it’s best to include a blog/article section to increase the patient’s interest and your SEO. Post content you like, from diagnosis methods to medical tips and more.
  • Map: By providing a map on a website, you can help patients locate your clinic easily. You would be surprised how many patients will use this feature.
  • A list of your services: Ensure that you provide information about all the services your practice offers. Don’t leave questions unanswered for your patients.

These are just a few ideas on what features should be on your website. My advice: look at other practices websites in other regions to generate ideas on how you can upgrade your site to the next level in 2023. Don’t plagiarize information, but you certainly can use them to generate ideas on features that you like!

Creating a robust and modern website can help your practice grow online, increase sales, and solidify your brand. It truly is your businesses postcard to the world, therefore make it a priority!

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