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Marketing Tip Monday #65: Identify The Four Ps Of Marketing As A Nurse Practitioner

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Today’s job market is highly competitive, so it’s more important than ever to sell yourself effectively. This is true whether you’re looking for a new position, a raise, or professional recognition.

Learning about a business’s prices, promotions, products, and placement will help you stay competitive and relevant. And you can effectively ace all these factors with the help of basic market research.


Nurse Practitioners need to remember that they, themselves, are the product they’re selling to patients. So, if your service quality is low, it won’t matter how affordable your services are or how conveniently located your facility is.

Patients are more inclined to go to a care provider known for accurate evaluations and continue seeing them if the initial consultation goes well.

The appointment and the treatment are products of your industry. This is where you make recommendations based on the patient’s specific condition, perform in-depth analyses, and carefully proceed in the best way possible for each situation.

There are two key concepts to grasp from this section:

  1. Practice Features: Your skills, such as education, training, and work history
  2. Practice Benefits: a result or impact, such as improvement of patient connections, enhanced care from personnel, and reduced duration of stay


The prosperity of your practice depends on your ability to market it successfully. Having top-notch resources and infrastructure is useless if no one knows about them. The fourth P, promotion, plays a significant role here.

Your practice can benefit from digital marketing. It can help you expand your audience via organic search engine optimization and other forms of advertising. You can improve your visibility in Google search results, as well as on social media, and get maximum customer feedback.


The cost of healthcare in the United States is among the highest in the world. Because of this, people’s concerns about cost are understandable. So to ensure people prefer coming to you over others in the market, look for strategies to reduce the cost of treatment. Patients will be more likely to try new therapies if they are effective and affordable.

One of the best ways to draw patients in is by accepting a wide range of insurance plans and offering discounted rates for tests and consultations.

Also, to ensure you are offering optimum prices, research the market value of your services and the going rate in your region for someone with comparable training and experience.


Your practice’s market placement reflects your specialty, expertise, location, and other distinguishing features. Moreover, promoting your practice relies heavily on how accessible your office is. Your chances of attracting new customers will improve if you offer a convenient combination of various locations, flexible working hours, and a fair price.

If you want the best possible outcomes from your marketing efforts, the 4 Ps are essential tools. Although the 4 Ps have evolved since their inception, they remain the cornerstones of any healthcare marketing strategy.

2 Responses

  1. I believe a 5th P is having a personality! Providers have to remember that they can and maybe were patients in the past. Show sympathy, let them know you care and have fun with them too. I believe I was very successful in my practice because I had a personality.

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