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Marketing Tip Monday #66: Create Patient Testimonials And Stories To Increase Visibility For Your Practice

What Our Clients Say

Looking for an easy way to increase your practice’s reputation and visibility? Use patient testimonials and stories to boost your brand.

They’re a cost-effective, engaging way to tackle patients’ skepticism towards advertising, help you attract more patients, and better promote your services.

Prospective clients and patients want to read other people’s stories facing similar challenges, problems, and pains they currently experience. This is where patient testimonials can provide value to your nursing practitioner brand.

How Patient Testimonials Help Scale Your Nurse Practitioner Brand

Although content written from the doctor’s perspective showcases expertise and experience, it often alienates potential patients and clients.

It’s best to replace professional-written content with reliable and relatable patient stories and testimonials. After all, 84% of customers rely on online reviews and testimonials before buying a product or service.

Here are a few ways patient testimonials can help your business reach more prospective patients:

• It encourages new patients to receive medical care from your brand

• It helps build trust

• Provide positive social proof and more

Quick Tips And Tricks For Creating Engaging Patient Testimonials

Follow the tips to the T to create compelling patient stories and testimonials for your brand:

• Ask your patients directly for testimonials. If you have provided a smooth patient experience, many clients give glowing reviews

• Acquire proper authorizations, such as HIPAA compliance and patient’s written consent, before publishing and sharing patient testimonials

• Choose a medium that best suits your practice, such as audio testimonials, snappy quotes, video testimonials, etc.

• Use storytelling formats

• Showcase the various services or treatments you offer

• Keep the content concise and simple

Connect better with your target audience and increase your brand reputation and visibility by creating compelling patient stories and testimonials.

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