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Marketing Tip Monday #67: Create A Patient-Friendly Website For Your NP Practice

Designers discussing website layouts

You may already have an excellent website. But, it’s no good if it fails to attract prospective clients and encourage visitors to make appointments.

Finding and implementing the right website design for healthcare organizations and care providers isn’t easy. This is because your practice likely has tons of information to display on the website and finds it hard to present so that it doesn’t overwhelm or confuse visitors.

Another issue is that many healthcare sites have outdated web designs, making them hard to navigate on smartphones and other mobile devices.

So, as a nurse practitioner, you need to design a website that can help you solidify your digital presence and convert traffic into leads. It’d be best to consider the fact that your website visitors need answers to pertinent problems and emergencies or may require quick information before the appointment. The best kind of website will help them find the answers fast!

To ensure you have patient-friendly web design, follow the best practices and standards to the T:

• Your website should have easy and straightforward navigation. It keeps your patients and visitors immersed in content and prompts them to stick around a little more. This way, you can reduce bounce rates and improve SERP results

• It should have a mobile-friendly and mobile-responsive design since 92.1% of people use their mobile phones to access the internet. Investing in mobile responsive web design makes sure your practitioner website offers a consistent user experience

• Ensure to place operating hours, address, email address, phone number, and other contact information are in an easily accessible location on a site

• Include welcoming videos and photos

• Showcase your brand

• Highlight treatment plans and your team and staff

• Easily accessible patient information or forms

Make a lasting impression on your visitors with a professionally-designed, up-to-date, mobile-optimized website to improve Google rankings, patient ratio, and sales.

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