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Marketing Tip Monday #68: Boost Your Reach and Engagement Through Meme Marketing For Nurse Practitioners

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Memes are funny and trendy and get traction easily, resulting in more impressions and greater engagement. Their use in healthcare marketing is becoming more mainstream as marketers like you recognize the power that memes can give them to reach a bigger audience. There is an opportunity for you to leverage meme culture – even in nurse practitioner marketing.

A study reveals that 54% of Gen Z, 41% of Millennials, and 21% of Gen X people look for memes on social media. Nurse practitioners can leverage meme marketing to reach a massive audience and increase conversion rates.

Memes are guaranteed to make people laugh, capture the viewer’s attention, and are 100% fun. They are so effective that huge companies and businesses use commercial memes or meme ads to promote their products or services.

Mega businesses like Gucci and Netflix use memes on their social media channels. The memes strategy is not only reaching more people because memes get famous like wildfire but also carrying the brand name.

How Can Nurses Do Meme Marketing?

According to Shopify, memes can significantly boost the conversion rates of a brand. The best thing about meme marketing is that you do not have to work hard from scratch. There is tons of material and content already available on the web.

Nurses have hectic, time and efforts consuming jobs. This is why meme marketing can be the perfect addition to your overarching digital marketing strategy. Using a trending meme topic and some basic editing would be best to relate the meme to your profession or services. Here are some meme marketing tips for you:

• Work with existing memes; they never get old. You can use both the trending and all-time favorite meme content and templates.

• Try to be native. You must connect with the audience on a native level and build a promising bond with them. Your efforts are useless if there are cultural or language barriers.

• Watch the timing. Some memes work all year round, while others will be only effective at certain times.

Get new customers with meme marketing. Memes are not just for bored office workers or college kids; they can be an excellent resource to help you connect with patients. They are also a unique yet effective marketing method. They are cost-effective and not going anywhere soon.

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