Marketing Tip Monday #7: Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly!

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Did you know that since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the use of mobile devices has increased significantly? What does this mean for your niche practice’s website? That more and more people are viewing it on their phone, and NOT their computer!

Many nurse practitioner entrepreneurs create their website on their computer. What then happens is that the nurse practitioner entrepreneur never checks to see what the website looks like on a mobile device! Luckily, many website builders like GoDaddy and Wix automatically make your site mobile friendly, but sometimes they do not! Even some professional web designers do not check to see if there are errors or formatting issues when the site is viewed on mobile! Mine does thank God… if you want his information, just let me know.

Listen, user experience is EVERYTHING in our time of on-demand entertainment and products. Your patients want convenience, and if your site is not convenient and a solid user experience on mobile devices, then they will go elsewhere.

Don’t believe me? Check out these statistics on mobile use…

So, be sure to grab your phone and check to see what your practices website looks like on it. Go through EVERY single page and section on your phone. You might be surprised how bad certain sections and the navigation bar might look on your phone… I still do this from time to time on all of my websites, including The Elite NP!

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