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Marketing Tip Monday #9: The #1 Rule Of Marketing

Idea Money Bulb Solution Dollar  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

The number one rule of marketing is to give away free value! People love free stuff and it is a great way to generate interest in your service and/or product.

When it comes to the niche practice, you need to give away FREE VALUE in your marketing campaigns. This can be anything from a free visit to a free product. You decide. Here are some examples:

Free advice in an article on how to lose weight.

Free 15-minute phone consultations.

Free B12 injections.

Free diet plans.

Free makeover plan.

And so forth and so forth…

I provide free 15-minute phone consultations to my perspective men’s health patients. I ensure to include this in my ads. Guess what? It works. I have a 90% conversion rate on these calls. 90% of those phone calls end up becoming a paying patient.

I also provide a lot of free valuable information on my medical cannabis website that is short and concise compared to the states confusing site.

So, when you are creating your marketing campaign and ads, you need to be thinking about some free value you can provide to your potential patents. In return, you will watch your patient volume increase as the phone calls and online bookings roll in!

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