How to Meet New DEA Substance Abuse Training Requirements

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Congress has passed an updated Consolidated Appropriations Act for 2023 through 2024. Sections of these updated regulations include new DEA licensure requirements for medical professionals. Elite NP now provides exclusive offerings for mandatory Medication Access and Training Expansion (MATE) trainings, with options for on-demand and in-person learning, plus livestream sessions.

What are the new DEA licensing requirements for 2024?

Every medical professional, including nurse practitioners, must attend an approved 8-hour continuing education class to meet new federal DEA requirements. Providers who do not complete these continuing education hours will be ineligible for new or updated DEA licensure. This mandatory training includes information specific to the assessment and treatment of opioid use disorder and other substance use disorders.

All nurse practitioners who must hold a DEA license to practice medicine need to complete this course, even if they don’t treat substance use disorders or prescribe controlled substances. However, the good news is this training is a one and done. Taking a single 8-hour approved course will fulfill this requirement and grant eligibility for provider DEA licenses. While the DEA does not require specific proof of course completion for licensure applications, a completion certificate may be requested during DEA audits. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so Elite NP recommends biting the bullet and getting it done.

Where can I take the DEA-required Substance Abuse Training Course?

Our trusted partner, Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, offers a comprehensive course that satisfies all new DEA Substance Abuse Training requirements. This training is available in on-demand, in-person, and livestream formats. Use the code EliteNPDEA at checkout to receive 20% off the DEA Mate Act course.

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  1. My understanding (is) that if you’ve taken the suboxone x waiver course, this meets the requirement?

    Thoughts? Thank you!

  2. I am assuming that the 8 hour SAMHSA class is enough. I just took that class to get an x-waiver the day before they did away with the requirement. The class still exists, though, and it’s free, so it would be an easy choice.

  3. Hello!

    I just renewed my DEA a few months ago. Do I need to do the class now or wait until my renewal? Also, I have my waiver, can this be used as my “class” in lieu of taking another class?


  4. Hello,
    I am fairly new to following you and your podcast. I just want to say thank you! I really appreciate your content and realistic responses to real life issues that many NPs are facing. Thank you for this update as well.

  5. I took the 8 hour and the 16 hour class: MAT: Medications For Addiction Treatment 8 hours training and MAT: Medications For Addiction Treatment/Substance Use Disorders 16 Hour Training.

    Do I still need this 8 hour training

  6. If you were already a waivered provider prior to the passage of this new law, then the 24 hr of CE you took to obtain that waiver is sufficient. You should not have to repeat the course.

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