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Official CEU is Now LIVE on ALL COURSES!

As promised, I am pleased to announce that all courses will now award official CEU! That is right, you can now receive official CE hours through all of our courses, even if you have purchased them in the past!

As many of you know, The Elite Nurse Practitioner recently received its accreditation through the ANCC to begin issuing official continuing education hours as an organization. This means I can begin issuing CEU on a multitude of educational activities, but most importantly the Elite NP line of courses will now have official CE hours associated with them.

First off everyone, if you have taken courses in the past or are partially through a course, the content will be LOCKED in your courses when you login. Why is this? Because we had to add a few things to the courses such as disclosures and pre/post tests. Therefore, you CANNOT go through the courses until you complete EVERY SINGLE SECTION in the course, including the pre-test, disclosure, post-test, and course evaluation. Once you complete those, you will then proceed through the modules/videos by clicking the “complete and continue” button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. This will allow you to go through the courses so you can complete them.

Once you are 100% complete, the CE certificate will automatically populate on the left-hand side of the screen at the bottom for you to download them. Please, do not email me if you are locked, simply just follow the above instructions. It is simple. I created a video for those that need a visual HERE.

Now, there will be multiple questions that many of you will have, so PLEASE do not blow up my inbox with questions. This is straight forward, and I will attempt to answer all of the most common questions everyone will have below. Please read the following questions and answers before emailing me with any other questions:

  1. Will I be able to receive CE from the courses I have already taken? YES! You will just need to “re-complete” it and take the pre/post test and course evaluation for the certificate to populate within the course itself. It will be below all the modules/videos on the left, and you can download and print it off from there.
  2. Can CE hours from an ANCC accredited provider be used with any BON for relicensure and the AANP for recertification? YES! You can redeem the CE with the AANP and your BONs. CE is CE folks; it doesn’t matter if it comes from ANCC or AANP credentialed organizations. 1 CE hour from ANCC is the same as 1 CE hour from AANP. They are interchangeable.
  3. Why didn’t you go through AANP for CE? Because they do not credential organizations anymore. I did not want to go through the process of credentialing EVERY SINGLE COURSE. It would have cost me a fortune and would have taken forever… This was expensive enough and took us almost 8 months!
  4. Are these courses reimbursable with my employer? Yes, they are. Many employers require a CE certificate when submitting for reimbursement on CE activities. Well, now you can just show them the certificate awarded at the end of the course for reimbursement. For the entrepreneurs out there, you can write these courses off 100% on your tax return too!
  5. Will any of the courses provide pharmacology hours? Yes, they will. Most of our practice specific courses discuss various types of pharmaceuticals, therefore these courses will provide on average 2-4 hours of pharmacology hours with them.
  6. How many CE hours will the courses award? On average, the courses will award 4-8 hours of CE each. Some will offer more though!
  7. When I login to a course that I have already completed, it says the content is locked. Why? Because every single course now requires the disclosure, pre-test, post-test, and course evaluation to be completed before the course is considered “complete.” Simply complete those sections and you should be good. If a specific lecture is locked, that means you never completed it. Simply click the “complete and continue” button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  8. Will this CE automatically cross over to CE Broker? No, it will not. We have not done that integration yet but hopefully we will sometime in the future. All you need to do is download the certificate at the end of the course to show proof of the hours when the time comes.
  9. Are all the courses CE eligible? Yes, they are. Continuing education is continuing education. Every single one of our courses helps the professional career of any nurse/nurse practitioner that takes them.

Alright, I hope that answers everyone’s questions!

I am so happy to be able to begin providing official CE hours for all my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers now. Not only will the courses teach you new skills and help you break free from the rat race, but they will also help you stay up to date with the CE hours we all must have to renew our licenses and certifications.

Enjoy! (and just FYI, we will be having a CEU celebration sale over the July 4th holiday, similar to our Memorial Day sale! So, keep your eyes out for that!)

12 Responses

  1. You are amazing! Now CE credits too, that’s was my green light! Planning on opening a clinic this fall, just looking for a brick and mortar now. Planning to offer a wide variety of services because failure is not an option. I owe you so much credit for the inspiration. Thank goodness for your help and advice. Beth

    1. A pleasure to have been of assistance. You got this because like you said, failure is not an option but EXPECT some failures along the way. It is part of the process. Success though is determined by getting back up and pushing forward! Failures Pave the Path to Success

  2. -Thanks for all your work to get CEUs covered! Super helpful!
    -Are there any discounts for those of us who are repeat customers – reduced rates on ordering more than one course?
    -Will the 4th of July sale be on all courses or just certain ones? I am looking at the weight mgt course and not sure if there will be a price drop soon.
    -Thanks again.

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