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Looking at coronary artery

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #171

Staying abreast of new technology and testing is vital for our practices as nurse practitioners.  The Coronary Artery Calcium Scan is a relatively new test that became available about five years ago. 

Content Asian medic having video call during telemedicine consultation

Telemedicine Controlled Substance RXing Update

Big hello to my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers! I come with semi-good news for those who prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine! Many of you are already aware of the upcoming restrictions

Lightbox board with word EXTRA INCOME in black letters around US dollar banknotes. Money, Business,

Finance Tip Friday #65: Tax-Free Passive Income!

There are tons of ways a nurse practitioner can build passive income streams: Rental real estate. Businesses that work FOR YOU. Dividend producing stocks and funds. Business investments and partnerships. And much

Food containing vitamin C. Healthy eating

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #170

Vitamin C is such an amazing supplement; it serves to improve iron/ferritin absorption as well as a great anti-inflammatory agent, removing reactive oxidative species within the bloodstream.  Since inflammation and elevated insulin

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