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You Are Ready Even if You Think You Are Not

So, you…. Don’t think you are ready to start your own niche side practice? Don’t think you are ready to aggressively expand your current practice and integrate new services in it? Don’t

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Motivation is Your Momentum

Motivation is the driving force behind your business. The more motivated you are, the more productive you will be. The more productive you are, the more successful your business will become. It

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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #67

Have a patient with opioid use disorder that also suffers from migraines? Treating them with buprenorphine is fine, but avoid the combination products that contain naloxone (Suboxone). The naloxone can worsen the

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Do I Have COVID? I Don’t Know…

**Disclaimer: This is an observational opinion piece.** Do I have COVID? Do you think I have COVID? Could this be COVID? These are all questions most of us have heard over the

Abdominal Pain Pain Appendicitis  - derneuemann / Pixabay

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #66

Have a patient with acute or chronic abdominal pain? Perform the Carnett maneuver on them. Often times, abdominal pain is from the abdominal wall muscles vs. inside the abdomen. The Carnett maneuver