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Play Business

Starting a new business is very exciting! People get excited about setting up an office, having business cards, being called the “CEO” of their business, etc… This is great! You should be

Urgent Care Nurse

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #38

Do not throw away your expired EpiPens! Epinephrine is still 100% potent 6 months after expiration, 95% potent 1 year after expiration, and 90% potent after 2 and a half years! So,

nursing assistant

CONVENIENCE is What Your Patients Want!

If you can find a way to deliver convenience to a specific target market, you will create a very successful practice. This is even more true if you want to create a

Best Urgent Care Nurse

How to Find a Physician Collaborator.

For the nurse practitioner who practices in a restrictive state, having a physician collaborator is a necessary evil per state law. Some nurse practitioners will utilize the collaborator to help them clinically,


Clinical Pearl Wednesday #37

Do not keep wounds dry! It amazes me that providers teach patients to keep their wounds dry. This does not facilitate healing. Giving it “air” does not promote healing. Wounds need to

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Don’t Accept Low Ball Salary Offers!

I see on multiple Facebook groups and message boards nurse practitioners who are accepting very low salaries. I understand that many nurse practitioners out there are desperate to secure employment. You need


Clinical Pearl Wednesday #36

Have a pulmonary patient who uses an inhaled corticosteroid dry powder inhaler who is complaining of dysphonia (hoarse voice)? Hoarseness is a common side effect with inhaled dry powder corticosteroids. Risk factors

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