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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #13

Oh SHIT! Hematuria! Remember the acronym S.H.I.T. when you are trying to determine the etiology of hematuria: S: Stone. Nephrolithiasis and stones in the urinary tract will cause hematuria. H: Hematological and

5 Levels of Financial Freedom

I have developed 5 levels of financial freedom for the nurse practitioner. Every nurse practitioner falls under one of these categories. Utilizing the Elite Nurse Practitioner Model should help you get to

Marketing Should Be Your Biggest Expense.

Many people who start a business believe in the concept of “if you build it, they will come.” That is total garbage and very far from the truth. Just because you start

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #12

Have a patient with erythema and swelling of an orbit of the eye? You must distinguish periorbital from orbital cellulitis as they both have different clinical implications. Periorbital cellulitis typically presents as

Finding Your Practices Niche

It is absolutely critical that you find a niche for your side practice. A side practice is a small business that you can focus 10 hours a week or less on. Therefore,

Avoid Business Debt

Many nurse practitioners believe they must take out a business loan to start their practice. They have this grand fantasy of having a fancy and sophisticated practice with multiple employees, new furniture,

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #11

Have a patient with acute diarrhea? Here is a reasonable strategy: If there is no significant fever, abdominal pain, signs of dehydration or bloody/mucoid stools, you can implement a watchful waiting period

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