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Announcing The Complete Medical Billing Course!

The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce The Complete Medical Billing Course: a guide on how to do medical billing yourself! Many nurse practitioners have been asking for a straight to

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Interviews with Elite NPs: #4

Greetings my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers, This is the fourth installment of our “Interviews with Elite NPs” series where I will interview various nurse practitioners who have utilized Elite Nurse Practitioner

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Clinical Pearl Wednesday #74

This tip comes from a pain management colleague of mine. If you have a patient on chronic opioid therapy, consider having them take magnesium 500mg twice a day. Magnesium will help reduce

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Are You Chasing Money or Success?

Are you chasing money or success? Every nurse practitioner needs to ask this fundamental question to themselves when they take the entrepreneurial journey. Why? Because it will help guide you on your

Telemedicine from Costa Rica!

I wanted to give a big HELLO to my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers from sunny Costa Rica! I am on a long-deserved CME vacation down here hanging out on the beach,

Clinical Pearl Wednesday #73

Greetings from Costa Rica! Pura Vida! This doesn’t mean I am still not working a little though! Check out this cute picture of this sloth we stumbled upon walking to our room

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If You Risk NOTHING, Then You Risk EVERYTHING!

When you are starting a business, investing your money, going on an exotic vacation (I am in Costa Rica right now and have been driving around on sketchy roads, totally worth it

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The Traveling Nurse Practitioner

This is going to be more of a fun article today. I want to talk to about being a self-employed traveling nurse practitioner! This is a nurse practitioner that travels around the